Coach "Glenn Gonzalez"




Triathlon Race Profile:

2011: Tri United Matabungkay Phil 3rd Place 40-45 AG

2011: Timex 226 Anda Bohol Phil. 3.8k swim 190k bike 42k run. 2nd Place 40-44 AG 9th Overall
2012:  Hong Kong Life Triathlon Championships. 2nd place CourseA 45-49 AG

2012: Airwaves Triathlon HK, Challenge Distance. 1st Place AG
2012: 5150 Century Tuna Subic Bay Phil. 1st place 45-49AG 28 Overall
2012: Cobra 70.3 IronMan Philippines, Cebu. 1st Place 45-49AG 48OverAll
2012: ITU Asian Championships Hong Kong 2012, HK Disneyland. 3rd Place AG
2012: Timex226 Anda Bohol Phil. 3.8swim 190k bike 42k run. 1st Place AG 45-49 7th OverAll
2013: Xterra Tri Liloan Cebu Phil. 3rd Place AG 45-49
2013: Qualified for Xterra World Championships Maui Hawaii

2013: Bank of China Festival of Sports Tri. 3rd Place AG 45-49
2013: 5150 Century Tuna Subic Bay Phil.2013. 1st Place AG 45-49 32nd Overall
2014 Melbourne IronMan. Finisher

2013: Cobra 70.3 IronMan Phil. Cebu 2013. 2nd AG 45-49 42nd Overall
2013: Xterra World Championships Maui Hawaii, USA. Finisher
2014: Xterra Phil Liloan Cebu. 1st Place AG 45-49. 21st overall

2014: Qualified Xterra World champ
2014: Century Tuna 5150 subic. 2nd Place AG 45-49

2014: Cobra 70.3 ironman Phil Cebu. 3rd Place 45-59 AG. 48 overall
2014: Ironman Langkawi 2014. Finisher
2014: Xterra World Championships 2014. Finisher
2015: Challenge Philippines, Subic Bay. 1st Place 45-49 AG 36 overall

2015: Challenge CamSur Philippines. 1st Place 45-49AG 32nd overall
2015: Cobra 70.3 Cebu Philippines. 3rd place 45-49 AG 52 Overall

2015: Ironman Arizona 2015. Finisher
2016: Xterra Mayon Philippines. 1st Place 45-49

2016: 70.3 IM Subic bay Phil. 3rd place AG

2016: 5150 Subic Bay. 2nd Place 45-49
2016: 70.3 IM Cebu. 4th place AG
2016: Mayon Tri Legaspi Phil. 1place AG

2016: Hell of the Marianas, Saipan. 11th overall 2nd Place Amateur
2017: Xterra Saipan. 1st Place AG. 14th overall
2017: Xterra Danao Cebu Philippines. 1st place AG
2017: Qualified World Championships Maui Hawai

2018: Davao IM70.3. 2nd place AG

2018: Ironman Philippines Subic Bay.1st place AG
Qualified for IM World Championships Kona Hawaii


-Certified Swimming coach (Philippine Amateur Swimming Association 1988-2001)

-Certified Tennis Professional (United States Tennis Professional 2001-2008)

-Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine 2008)